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Physical preparation of the footballer

Javier Bustos.

The footballer must be prepared to be able to effectively solve every game situation that arises.
And move from one action to another, constantly and dynamically, to perceive, discern and re-solve the next action.

  • I don’t believe in a physical preparation away from football situations.
  • The optimum form of the footballer
  • Why does the preparation have to be with a ball? Optimisation and efficiency can only be achieved with the ball.
  • Constructing situations similar to those that will be presented.
  • Generating a context as close as possible to real situations.
  • Adapted and adaptable training methodology for the modern football player
  • The footballer must be prepared to be able to perform to the maximum and with the greatest efficiency at the moment that is required ….
  • Form a multidisciplinary team.
  • Have the sensitivity to interpret the player’s needs

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