Stellars Club

Defence in Football

Juanjo Vila, Carlos Inarejos.

To win a football match we must master all aspects of the game. In the current study and research on training, methods, philosophies and tasks we investigate all existing attacking possibilities (Pep Guardiola’s attack, Mourinho, Klopp, Zidane…).

We don’t question the effectiveness of this moment, but we really
Do we know how to defend correctly? And do we know how to use these concepts in practice?

To have the ball, there will be many moments in the game that we are not in possession of it, and that is where (in many phases of the game) the team must know how to handle and understand the principles and fundamentals to be a complete team.
We will not only explain in a theoretical way those defensive principles and fundamentals, but we will also give practical help on how to combat them, how to organize them in a Game Model and how to create quality and specific tasks whose main objectives are defense and/or attack/defense transition.
We train, compete, analyze, synthesize and achieve some goals to improve our game and be a complete team, in this case the defense is an important part of the process.

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