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Where the love of sport is the best investment.

STELLARS is an investment, a work of art that is gaining in value day by day.


NFTs have the characteristic of being unique, encrypted and secure, as they are based on Blockchain technology. They are non-fungible tokens.

NTF Stellars


A digital file that represents value, it can be a cryptocurrency, a part of a company like a stock or a Neymar’s footprint. They are digital tokens that represent something. What does it mean that it is non-fungible? They cannot be substituted by others as is the case with cryptocurrencies as NFTs are unique. A 50€ note can be replaced by another one, but a painting by Leonardo da Vinci cannot be replaced by another one by Leonardo of the same period, colour and size, each one is unique and has a determined value.

What does it mean that a token is not interchangeable?

What happens when the play is a digital football card? How do you certify that this card is the original and not a copy? That’s where Blockchain technologycomes in.

Through tens of thousands of individual links validated by users, it is certified that this chrome is the original, not a copied file, thus providing this file, token or chrome with a unique value that is not interchangeable and registered in hundreds of thousands of digital links. So to speak, it is as if all users of the Blockchain certify that this file and no other is the original.

NFTs in the Football market

Once we understand the concept of Non-Exchangeable Token we can understand what is being done on some platforms like Sorare, the company in which Piqué and Griezmann have invested large amounts of money. This platform is reaching agreements with players, national teams and football clubs to sell, so to speak, digital stickers in the form of NFT’s that are auctioned until they reach a value and then each owner can sell them for higher amounts if they wish.

NFTs have the characteristic of being unique, encrypted and secure, as they are based on Blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain technology?

A technology that allows the transfer of data in a secure way thanks to a sophisticated encryption that is decentralized and carried out by millions of different people. It is often compared to a ledger where transactions are recorded and validated by thousands of people at the same time. It has a particularity, those accounting tables are stored in blocks, and those blocks are linked to each other creating a long chain that lists all the transactions that have been made to date. You can’t change anything on that blockchain without anyone knowing about it. It is public and accessible to everyone, but also anonymous.

How would it apply to STELLARS?

STELLARS sells its prints at a unique starting price of 700€ and includes a NFT certificate of authenticity. The NFT itself is a one-second video in which we see the player leaving a mark on the mold. That video file represents the unique number of the footprint that the user has purchased.

It will take the buyer 2 months to receive the physical print by post as it is handmade and this process is slow. However the NFT is given to you at the time of validation of the purchase. You already have in your possession the NFT (which you keep in your Wallet) and which guarantees that you are the rightful owner of that particular footprint, even if you don’t have it in your home.

Many buyers won’t care about NFT because they don’t even know what it is, but many others already know the value they have and know it’s the future.

Sadio Mane celebrating a goal

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Stellars will be an investment

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