Stellars Club

Football is passion, it is a movement, a drive, a hope.
It is legacy.

On STELLARS we love football because behind it there are extraordinary minds motivated not only by their vocation, but also by their vocation but by the drive to create positive positive change in the world. Leave a legacy beyond the field of play and the magic of the sport sport.


On STELLARS we believe that our legacy is built through the FOOTPRINTS with which we we forged our patha path that is remembered by the people whose reality we were able to change: together we can do much more and walk differently towards the future.


The football teaches us to see our human potentialto generate changes in the most vulnerable areas teamwork y global that allows us to build a more more egalitarian society in order to transform our dreams dreams into reality.

These are only the first steps of many to come to come.


Behind every FOOTPRINT is not only the history of football legends but the careful work of the careful y craftsmanship in its creation.

Masters goldsmiths who through the years continue to protect these artistic techniques, uniting tradition, art and passion tradition, art and passion and passion to give life to this spectacular sculpture with a
of gold that evokes the greatness of our greatness of our actions.

That unique unique when we stand in front of the ball to take the next step, that extraordinary step, that extraordinary step that brings us closer to the winning goal. victory


We develop a community bond through our shared love of football. Our approach is focused on the new generations converge in a more equitable, inclusive and equitable, inclusive and activebuilding a better world hand in hand with the best.


Ehe power of a single story is capable of inspiring other great stories.

In STELLARS we have the need to tell the most unknown story of football, the human side that inspires and generates change.

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