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Lucas Digne, the unexpected hero of Las Ramblas

As time goes by, life leaves us sad pages in the history of mankind. One of them occurred on August 17, 2017 in Barcelona. Terrorism once again took over the pages and headlines of the press sowing terror and chaos in one of the most emblematic places of the Catalan capital. 17 people lost their lives that hot summer afternoon. Within that event there is a redoubt of light starring an unexpected hero who then wore the dorsal 19 of the club culé: Lucas Digne.

The French international had arrived at the Catalan club the previous summer for a figure close to seventeen million euros. Coming from Roma never settled as a starter at Barcelona, but did have some prominence due to injuries to Jordi Alba. However, no one would think that his legacy in the Catalan city went beyond the world of football.

Digne was not an ordinary player and that was demonstrated by living in the heart of the city, near Plaça Catalunya and where, unfortunately, the attacks happened. He was a rara avis in the world of football who preferred to enjoy the city, despite the drawbacks of fame and recognition. That August afternoon Lucas was at home with his wife as Ernesto Valverde, then Barcelona coach, had given the squad a rest day.

The player was at home ready to enjoy a quiet afternoon until he heard a roar, a deafening noise that did not stop and screams, many screams…

Digne looked out of the window and when he saw what had happened, he didn’t think twice. He grabbed towels and water and joined the many anonymous people helping the wounded. He gave first aid and helped whoever he could that afternoon of terror in Barcelona until the security and emergency services arrived. The player did everything in his power on the street, then took in a French family in his home who could not return to their hotel after what happened. The Frenchman, even putting his life at risk, was guided by his human instinct and went out to help.

Sometimes we lose awareness of the human side of a footballer but there are still some who don’t live in a social bubble. These little stories help us to see it.


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