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Limited edition


Full-size footprint

Images may vary slightly from the final product.

Ronaldinho Footprint 10R-GOLD real size

Actual size with a flash of 18 karat gold.
Limited edition: Only 10,000 prints are produced.

huella Ronaldinho

Video of how the print was taken

It did not matter if Ronaldinho played in your team or in the rival team, the Gaúcho raised passions and admiration wherever he stepped.

He has been one of the footballers who has left more iconic plays for posterity but his human quality transcends the field of play.

His footprint is a link with him and with all that his career meant.

The piece has a flash of 18 carat gold, a size 1:1 and dimensions of 35x20x3cms and a weight of 2.5 Kgs.

A work of art at the height of someone who won a World Cup, a Ballon d’Or and a UEFA Champions League among many other trophies. Be a part of his legacy with this limited edition piece that only a few people around the world will be able to enjoy. The smile of football, the Wizard … eternal Ronaldinho.


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