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Quality assurance


Full-size Gold Footprint of the player's foot.

Our prints require excellent care and treatment during the manufacturing process. The prints are not stored waiting to be purchased, but are manufactured specifically for each customer.

Each print has a manufacturing process of approximately 60 days.

Stellars is not a product, it is a work of art. It is like a Swiss watch, it has a very careful and precise handcrafted part.

A collector’s item manufactured on demand with materials verified by the North American Space Agency (NASA), thus guaranteeing its resistance and durability.

Jewellery craftsmanship

artisan gold working

Photo of artesanos del oro, Cordoba. Spain.

The work of master jewellers in Cordoba, Spain, the city of gold craftsmen.

Created in Parque Joyeros by the best craftsmen in a centuries-old process that has been passed down from father to son, generation after generation through a system of continuous improvement.
In this way, the jewellers of Cordoba can be considered among the best in the world.

Created by master jewellers in Cordoba, Spain, the city of gold craftsmen.

Craftsmanship, antiquity and heritage. These values of the Cordovan gold craftsmen are imprinted on the STELLARS footprints.

Something exclusive that allows you to enjoy perfection and attention to detail, a guarantee of quality that transports values and knowledge from the past to the present.

Each STELLARS print tells a story.

The image may differ from the result of the physical Certificate delivered to STELLARS Club Clients.

Authenticity certificate

Each GOLD footprint has a unique certification.

On it you will see the date of manufacture of the print, its serial number and a QR code that takes you directly to your online registration.

On the certificate you will also find a unique holographic stamp that proves the authenticity of your Stellars print.

18 carat gold

Each piece has a flash of 18-carat gold.

Aware of the value of the prints, high quality materials have been procured for the manufacture of the prints.

Stellars 18K Gold Certified Stamp.

18K LEY STELLARS 18K gold certificate.

Aerospace aluminium


High-strength aircraft aluminium used in space shuttles.

The heart of each of our parts is made of aeronautical aluminium verified by the North American Space Agency (NASA).

Aerospace aluminium
aerospace aluminium aeronautical

How the print is taken

of a star, Ronaldinho Gaucho.

The secrets of the formula cannot be revealed, but more than 6 years of tests have been carried out to find the materials that allow us to take the print in the greatest detail.

Every imperfection, every crease or scar tells a story.

Secure shipping with DHL

DHL will take care of the transport due to its extensive experience with valuable goods.

Special protection and packaging systems, handling as fragile goods and a global tracking system that traces the shipment from the time it leaves the factory until it arrives at your home.

air transport DHL