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The most false 9 of the history: Carlos Henrique Raposo, “The Kaiser”.

In the history of football many players have felt cheated by their teams. Either when it comes to renewing them or promising them a prominence that finally never came there are cases of players who have felt really ripped off by big clubs.

Well, during the 80s, a player set himself up as an avenger and fooled top clubs in a very simple way: pretending to be a crack player when in reality he had no idea about football.

Carlos Henrique Raposo was born in Rio Pardo, Brazil, on July 2, 1963 and always had a clear goal in life. Carlos wanted to be an elite football player.

However, he did not do it for sporting success or for his love of football, but because he wanted the fame and fortune of the players.

At the age of 23, Carlos used to frequent nightclubs in search of top players and that’s when he found his breakthrough. Mauricio De Oliveira Anastacio, Botafogo’s star player, took a liking to the cheeky youngster and eventually agreed to be his agent.

Because of his physical resemblance to Franz Beckebauer, Mauricio decided to nickname Carlos “El Kaiser”, and he drew up a CV for his new friend based on a player who almost shared his full name, Carlos Enrique (without an “hache”), winner of the 1984 Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup with Independiente.

Her new identity came to life.

Thanks to Mauricio’s recommendation, Botafogo themselves were the first club to fall for it. With great fanfare the signing of “The Kaiser” was announced and Carlos joined the ranks of the carioca team. The dream had been fulfilled, now we only had to solve the problem of its lack of quality but for that I already had a plan. In his first training session “El Kaiser” would fake an early injury in the warm-up. Carlos Henrique limped out of the session and after observing him the doctors decided to give him 20 days rest. Keep in mind that in those years there were no MRIs or any other way to diagnose injuries so the player’s word was enough to send him home. In any case, who would have thought that the star player wouldn’t want to play?

After several relapses Botafogo already saw Carlos as a problem, so they did not stand in the way when Flamengo signed him thanks to the help of Renato Gaúcho, another player he became close to.

In his new house Carlos appeared day in and day out speaking English on a huge satellite phone. Everyone thought he was talking to European clubs until one of the fitness coaches who had worked in England realised the talks were pointless. Still nobody said anything and after several months injured in Flamengo “El Kaiser” was signed by the El Paso Patriots of USA.

His tricks always worked and Carlos even had a dentist friend of his who gave him medical reports for muscle pains, so the years went by and the teams that signed him. Bangú, Ajaccio, Fluminense, Vasco Da Gama and América FC among others.

Of course Carlos Henrique had to play some other game, 20 or 30 came to dispute but all friendly and in all of them had no prominence.

In 1989, while in the Banjuan dugout, the coach received a direct call from the club’s president asking for “The Kaiser” to take the field. He began to warm up knowing that if they pulled his whole cover off he would blow his cover. Suddenly he saw that behind his team’s goal a group of fans were insulting the goalkeeper. Carlos took advantage, started arguing with them, jumped the fence and started a fight.

He was expelled for that and when he had to give explanations to Casto de Andrade, president of the club, his excuse was unbelievable:

“Before you say anything, God gave me one biological father and he gave me another. So I will never allow the fans to say my father is a thief who does bad things, and that’s what the fans said about you and that’s why I fought. I’m sorry, in 15 days I will leave the club.”

Casto de Andrade grabbed him by the neck and planted a kiss on his face. Not only did he not kick him out of the team, but he renewed him for 6 more months.

Little by little Carlos became friends with more and more players who recommended him to other clubs, such as Carlos Alberto or Ricardo Rocha.

On his introduction to French club Ajaccio, he experienced another surreal situation.

When he arrived on the pitch, thousands of fans and press were waiting to see him touching the ball and showing his quality. Instead, “El Kaiser” was kicking balls into the stands and kissing the shield. The fans went wild with the gifts but the officials were left scratching their heads. More than 50 balls were given away at will by Carlos.

As “The Kaiser” was an endearing person the press never spoke ill of him making his legend reach our days with a film and a documentary dedicated to the best worst player of all time.


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