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The 15 best goals of Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Ronaldinho has left its mark on the world of football. With his dribbling. His smile. His way of facing it and playing it. With their joy. But also with his goals. There weren’t many but they were memorable. In this space we remember his best goals as a player. What are the best goals in the history of Ronaldinho? Here is a short list:

  1. The samba that silenced Stamford Bridge. One of the goals of the decade. One of the goals in Champions League history. Ronaldinho picked up the ball on the edge of the area and time stopped. Three seconds were. Against one of the best defences at the time. It didn’t matter. 10R found the only way to score that goal.
  1. THE GOAL. The Chilean. The fans were in an uproar, and with good reason. They had just seen something unique. Something stellar. I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about this goal, but just watching it tells you everything. There are things that you can only imagine doing and only Ronaldinho was able to do them.
  1. Ronaldinho’s letter of introduction at the Camp Nou: That magical right-footed shot at 1:20 in the morning in the Gazpacho Match”. A zapatazo from more than 45 meters that caused that Frank Rijkaard and more than one in the stands will take the hands to the head. It was no wonder: they were watching history.
  1. The free-kick goal at the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. David Seaman still doesn’t know where that ball went in. One of the goals on Brazil’s way to a fifth World Cup title. And one of the goals that marked the legacy of Ronaldinho’s career.
  1. The left-footed whip in front of Milan’s total defence. For context, rival, competition and moment this goal should be in the Top 5. The break to Nesta and the left-footed shot against Dida. Unstoppable. It was the 88th minute and it was worth a win. In a UCL where that Milan would end up reaching the final against Liverpool in the so-called “Miracle of Istanbul”.
  1. The goal of a youthful genius: Ronaldinho was born with the ball stuck to his right leg. He was already wreaking havoc on opposing defences at the age of 16 in Brazil. He gets away from up to five opponents and then finishes with his left-footed Vaselina. It only occurs to a genius.
  1. There was a time that Ronaldinho was unstoppable. This was the most memorable goal of his time in France and was awarded as the best goal of the year in the French league. No wonder.
  1. The unlimited resources of 10R. The ability to imagine and create Ronaldinho had no end. El Sadar was witness of honor of another masterful performance of the Brazilian magician.
  1. The only one capable of scoring a goal with a lob to the near post.
  1. Ronaldinho having fun against Haiti. Also with the selection left moments to remember. Like this masterpiece against the North American national team where nobody was able to stop him.
  1. Ronaldinho was magic but it was also quality and power. He had it all.
  1. The ovation of the Real Madrid fans at the Santiago Bernabeu. Only a select few in the history of football have been able to leave the pitch of their eternal rivals to applause. Ronaldinho was above any rivalry.

13. The little hat against Venezuela. A very young Ronnie with shaved hair and left signs of his genius with the “Canarinha”. That little hat trick and control with the spur to find the way to the goal. Pure Ronaldinho.

  1. One of geniuses. The pioneer. The one with the free kick under the wall.
  1. Everyonemay think it’s a center but it’s Ronaldinho. And Ronaldinho is not to be doubted.


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