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Puyol’s gesture with Miki Roqué

Sometimes there are acts so kind that no matter how much we want to keep them secret, it is impossible for them not to come to light. That’s what happened between Puyol and Miki Roqué.

If Puyol has been recognized not only nationally, but internationally, it has been for his integrity on and off the pitch. The intensity and the values that he showed when he played a match crossed borders and in the memory remains the image of himself taking a lighter from the hand of Gerard Piqué while he tried to show it to the referee, not without reason, during a match at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Puyol is made of another paste and showed it by keeping a secret between him and his friend and countryman Miki Roqué.

The young Betis player had the misfortune to develop pelvic cancer when he was just 22 years old. As if that wasn’t enough, his club was going through a bankruptcy law at the time, which led to serious financial problems that prevented them from taking care of all the treatment. That’s when the central defender of FC Barcelona and friend of the player decided to put him in contact with Dr. Cáceres, a renowned oncologist specialist, and despite the efforts of the doctor, Puyol and of course Miki Roqué himself, in 2012 his body could not resist any longer. Clearly for Puyol there would have been nothing wrong with making public his involvement with the treatment, however he preferred to keep away from the media to help his friend in the most altruistic way possible.

Some time later Carles spoke at the presentation of the book “La Luz de Miki Roqué”.

“Everything I did was deserved by Miki Roqué. That and more. I did it from the heart. He helped me more than I helped him. He was an example of fight and generosity”.

Goodness is the quality of goodness. It is identified with the characteristic of good people. Goodness is the natural inclination or tendency to do good.


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