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NFTs in football.

More and more news reports are linking certain football players with a term that is slowly becoming known: NFT. These three letters are the acronym for something that has come to stay and that seems to be a new way of approaching both collecting and investing. NFT’s stand for Non Fungible Tokens, or in English, non-exchangeable tokens.

What are they and why are football players and teams so interested?

What is a token?

A token is like a token, that is, it is a digital file that represents a value. This can be a coin, part of a company or the footprint of Ronaldinho Gaúcho. Tokens are digital tokens that represent a specific thing.

What does it mean that a token is not interchangeable?

Well, I could have a Bitcoin, which is also a digital asset, and want to exchange it for another Bitcoin. Both are money, of the same currency and both are worth the same so they could be exchanged for each other without any problem. So far so good.

However, if what I own is a sculpture by Botero and another person has one by Auguste Rodin, although both are works of art, they could not be exchanged for each other since both works are unique, unrepeatable and have a different value. Well, the same is true for non-fungible tokens, which are unique.

What happens when the play is a digital football card? How do you certify that this card is the original and not a copy? Well, that’s where Blockchain technology comes in.

Through tens of thousands of individual links validated by users, it is certified that this chrome is the original, not a copied file, thus providing this file, token or chrome with a unique value that is not interchangeable and registered in hundreds of thousands of digital links.

So to speak, it is as if all users of the Blockchain certify that this file and no other is the original.

How are NFTs used in the Football market?

Once we understand the concept of Non-Exchangeable Token we can understand what is being done on some platforms like Sorare, the company in which Piqué and Griezmann have invested large amounts of money. This platform is reaching agreements with players, national teams and football clubs to sell, so to speak, digital stickers in the form of NFT’s that are auctioned until they reach a value and then each owner can sell them for higher amounts if they wish. Each of these cards are used in the virtual teams of their game, Football Fantasy. From time to time the platform will release new players to auction their stickers, so that players can bid for them.

Despite the large number of new cards coming out there is a risk with these types of NFT’s, they represent nothing more than something digital, something ethereal that will hold its value as long as people are willing to buy them. Is there a platform that also supports your NFT’s with something physical? The answer is yes.

The golden footprints of Stellars.

Stellars is the company that offers life-size prints of the most important legends in the world of football in gold-plated and collectible form. Stellars uses NFT technology but with an advantage over Sorare “tokens” and many other platforms: each token is backed by something physical and tangible. The footprint itself.

Each piece has a unique serial number associated with an NFT, which certifies that both the physical and digital work is original and belongs to an owner identified through the Blockchain.

As you already know the first star that Stellars has just launched is Ronaldinho Gaúcho and soon more legends will be announced to join the collection. Stellars not only partners with players who have made their mark in the world of football but also have a strong track record of solidarity.

The aim of each sale and Stellars NFT’s is to donate a percentage to charitable causes and use football as an engine for social change. Once the 10,000 unique copies of Ronaldinho’s footprint are sold, the market will be opened. Stellars Market Trading The market where this and other works will be auctioned and as it happens with the NFT’s, the price that they have today may be much higher in the future. If you want to enter the future with a good footing do not hesitate and get your Stellars footprint now.


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