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I am going to tell you a story, a story that speaks of steadfastness and determination in believing in a dream. The dream of Rosa María Fernández, founder of STELLARS.

Any of us who work with and know Rosa Maria could have told her story. Knowing her and feeling her up close, it is easy to tell her story.

A dream that has accompanied him throughout a period of his life and that was born in his childhood. She has always professed a love for sport, and in a very special way for football. Thanks to the practice of the sport in her youth her passion grew and naturally ended up rooted in her professional life, and in her leisure time, as a passionate amateur.

The stories of athletes carry with them, effort, sacrifice, overcoming and work.

Those of many footballers are born even in difficult and precarious situations, many even unknown to the great fan. She is passionate about them and falls in love with them, and it is in these stories that her love for football is born, because these stories are what make it great.

She knew that when you have dreams, and for them to be fulfilled, they must be materialized through visualization. If you want them to become a reality, there comes a time when you need to prioritize, set goals, monitor your progress, get support and learn to give up a lot of things.

This was easy for Rosa since she likes to have everything organized, it was just a matter of getting going.

But before I tell you about the long road to the culmination of this dream called STELLARS, I don’t want to forget what she is like.

Perfectionist, courageous, meticulous and determined. She never leaves any detail to chance, as she believes that it is the small details that make any facet of life great. If we add to that his nobility, his constant eagerness to give love to others, or his constant gestures of kindness, you realize that you are in front of a “unique” person. The mischievous sympathy of a fun person is manifested in her mischief, bringing out the child in her, always with the desire to spread joy to others.

It is simple and close to meet her if you get into her circle, life has taught her and sometimes even punished her with having to learn to choose who to trust, but she will open her doors to you as long as you carry in your hand a card of kindness as a letter of introduction.

When I was writing this text, a phrase from a writer came to my mind that could not define better what kind of person Rosa Maria is.

“If you had seen her smile, I swear you would understand why they say there is magic in the world.”

César Ortíz

As the path of our story continues, she knew that the objective of that dream was to set a goal, I felt the need to put it all down on paper, to brainstorm, to make something measurable and palpable. He had to act, consider his talent and his experience. But it was a path that I could not do alone, I needed help, and this would come with time, although later I will tell you about it.

What led Rosa to create the print?

In his mind he was thinking about how to immortalize all those who leave a legacy in the sport. He believed that the feet and hands, as well as the values of a person are what leave the mark for others. Man’s footprint on the moon, a football player’s footprint on a playing field or an actor’s footprint on the famous Walk of Fame, remain in those places, but no one can take them home for a permanent and daily memory. These were his sources of inspiration.

The word legacy has a much broader scope than its literal interpretation, it is also the gift of the transmission of our inner heritage, the inheritance of fundamental values, beliefs and life experiences with the intention of inspiring future generations, that was the essence of Rosa Maria’s dream.

This was the beginning of a long process full of many trials and journeys. A project that required a lot of time, investment and effort.

The travels began in many different places, investigating and visiting different goldsmith workshops in search of the way to carry it out and how to capture it in an artistic way.

It arrived at the goldsmith’s workshops in Cordoba, Madrid or Barcelona saying that it was a prize for a shoe shop. He kept his dream a secret up to that point. In addition, she had to protect the image of the players, the instinct to protect others always comes out in her.

After many comings and goings, failed tests and other mistakes, he understood that it had to be made with a special material; aluminium. She did more than 2500 tests that didn’t work out and forced her to start again from scratch. He worked with goldsmiths, artists, engineers and always from the most absolute and rigorous silence. Together with them he melted all kinds of aluminium until he found the perfect print, his perfectionism prevented him from acting any other way.

During this journey many people abandoned her along the way, she lost people she didn’t know if they didn’t believe in the project or in her, but nothing would stop her. She knew she had to go all the way.

She also met the doubtful looks of some people, but Rosa is one of those people that with a look undresses you and knows who should be with her and who shouldn’t.

In spite of this he decided to continue in the most secretive manner. While it is true that she found encouragement from the football clubs and the many athletes she represented at her agency, they were the first to encourage her to continue.

For years he has lived a difficult industrial process, where he constantly gave time and money, but something told him that the time would come when his dream would come true. Rosa loves soccer, sports and culture with all her heart, she is passionate about it. He always says that behind an athlete there is a great story and he wanted people to have a sign in their house that identifies the legacy they leave in the history of sport and that, in addition, the footprint was something unique and magical in the memory when they see it.

The search for a marketing and communication agency was complicated, so together with his friend and filmmaker Jota Aronak they decided to create their own advertising agency to take care of and protect this dream. He surrounded himself with a human and professional team of immense work capacity. First class professionals, and with all of them, from his office, he elaborated, designed and executed all this work in an informal and official way. A team that we adore her, she is special in her daily dealings with others. In his leadership there is no word for delegating, but for sharing. She makes you fall in love with her personality and you follow her wherever she goes. Once everything was clear Rosa decided to leave through a website. For the team it was something normal to sell through the network, but for our protagonist it was to make her dream known. I needed to find the sensitivity and discretion that both the project and its protagonists needed. His wonderful madness had to be brimming with a defining characteristic of his personality: elegance.

During the Covid period, thanks to the personal isolation and confinement that, like everyone else, he had to live through, he started to grease the machine again until September 2020, when the STELLARS project was back on track .

After so many hours of work, laughter and tears, Rosa María and STELLARS can now present you with a work that will increase in value over time.

A work to which he continues to devote himself, work, effort and dedication. When night comes and the rest of us often rest, the light in his office is still on, working and dreaming. In the morning, the fighter will be waiting for us all with her best smile.

Before I finish I don’t want to forget the solidarity part of STELLARS, our protagonist wouldn’t let me. STELLARS also aims to create a foundation dedicated to enhancing football and turning it into a tool of solidarity.

Rosa’s spirit will be present in this Foundation.

His dream has been fulfilled, and in time, he will expand the footsteps of great sporting legends, always chosen on the basis of both human and sporting values.

Drew Waters, once said, “What footprint do you want to be known for? It’s the legacy and the journey you’re on. Trust yourself. Trust the passion that’s inside of you.”

To our protagonist of this dream I have heard it a thousand times, only she always adds … “when you trust in an idea, when it comes to your mind and you trust in it, fight, fight for it”.

We have reached the end of the story of a dream come true. As always all good things are long overdue.

Rosa Maria Fernandez decided as a premiere that the first print of STELLARS would be that of a mythical player and legend in world football: Ronaldinho Gaúcho.

What a coincidence! Magic and smiles now unite them.

Written and given by Juanjo Vila


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